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Published on January 6th, 2013 | by iOSappStats


An App a Day keeps Boredom Away [Infographic]

The infographic talks about what kind of personalities do smartphone users have. This shows how advanced is the technology today making a lot of options in smartphones that are helpful in daily activities of an individual. There are lots of applications available for download and these categories include Games as the top download, next is Weather, Social Networking, Maps and Music. These were the applications that keep the users busy and most of them said that they cannot live without their iPhones. Some of the users said that they can give up coffee first, stop bathing before giving up their phones and even give up sex. This is how popular smartphones nowadays and Apple iPhone has the highest time a user can spend every month, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Rim BlackBerry follows. One study reveals that most iPhone owners use their phone in a social setting occasionally by 58%. This also encourages them in streamlining and getting rid of other devices like iPod or mp3 player, camera and GPS. Different phones attract different personalities as it offers different usage of applications.

SmartPhones, Devoted Users [Infographic]


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